Hey Guys,

Just a quick post to let you know that Brent Oil has just hit my first projected target – $52.50.


The image above, along with a brief description was posted onto my Instagram account 2 weeks ago today.  Because this blog is only 5 days old, you wont find the original post on the ‘Market Analysis’ tab, although I did make a post when we broke the $50.00 level.  In that post I explaid that price will likely retest the $50.00 level before pushing higher – price did exactly that – you can read the post by Clicking Here.
If you want to see the original Instagram post – Click Here.


That’s over 360 pips since the post was made.  We can expect to see a retracement before going higher and hitting $55.00.

Side-note – I will be working on the appearance and responsiveness of the blog very soon.  So expect to see changes.
Thank you for all of the positive feedback regarding my analysis, its a great feeling knowing some of you are making real money following my ideas!

Enjoy you weekend!


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